Saturday, 6 April 2019

Download InstaUltra v0.9.2.10 Latest Version Mod App Gb instagram

Download  InstaUltra v0.9.2.10 Latest Version Mod App

Download Gb Instagram Latrst Version Updated


➡️ New Base Updated to ⬅️

➡️ Added Ability to Download Video/Images⬅️

➡️ Added Privacy - Hide View Status (Don't Show Your Name even If you View Someone's Story)  ⬅️

➡️ Added Ability to Download Stories ⬅️

➡️ Added Ability to copy Bio ⬅️

➡️ Added InstaUltra Settings Icon on Header of profile⬅️

➡️ Improved NOW you can Download Video/Image From Private Accounts   ⬅️

➡️ Added Option to Disable Slide Navigation  ⬅️

➡️Support X86  ⬅️

➡️ Added Ability to Support Links in App ⬅️

➡️  Added When some uploads More than 1 image Simultaneously, download will save all pics At Once  ⬅️

➡️ Option to Start Audio Directly with Video ⬅️

➡️  Fixed all bugs of v0.9.1.3 ⬅️

Replace Your  Official Instagram

➡️सबसे पहले आप play Store वाला Instagram को Uninstall  करें।

फिर इसे Install करें....

Package Name :-   com.instagram ⬅️

➡️  Support  :- (armeabi-v7a)  ⬅️

       ➡️ Replace With Your Official Instagram⬅️

➡️सबसे पहले आप play Store वाला Instagram को Uninstall करें⬅️

➡️package Name :-   com.instagram ⬅️

 ➡️Support In :- X86 ⬅️


Gb WhatsApp latest version  Download

Gb instagram Latest version  Download

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